Volvo plans to make your phone just the car key you ever need

Inventions keep rolling in, the global economy may be facing a recession but there has been in an increasing bounce in the intellectual economy of humanity as the world has never at one time been broke of brains!

This time we have another shocker. By this very time in 2017, Volvo plans to ascend the throne as of becoming the first manufacturer to sell cars which come without keys. In place of a tangible key or even a Bluetooth key fob, Volvo customers will equally make do with an innovative a “digital key” in a smartphone app to get access (and even get to share that access) to their automobiles.

Volvo wants your phone to be the only car key you ever need

Volvo wants your phone to be the only car key you ever need

The driver will have the capacity to use the app (as well as a Bluetooth connection) to start their car, get the trunk opened; maneuver the security system, or — like with a key fob — very conveniently have the car unlocked as you get closer to it.

Yet the largest effect this change could trigger pertains to ride-sharing. Customers (as well as manufacturers) have began opening the doors to possibly adopting fresh ideas about means to use cars in getting around without typically owning them 100%, and a feature in the mould of a digital key introduces increased comfort for multiple people to enjoy control over one particular vehicle.

One practical extension of this innovation is something like spreading access to your car with your family!

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