Twitter now lets users record, share videos in Direct Messages

With strong intents to elevate Twitter to new heights in face of a seeming crisis, the micro-blogging website is now making available video support to Direct Messages.

“The company keeps plugging away at basic features to bring the service up to speed with competitors like Facebook Messenger. Following the addition of a GIF button on Wednesday, Twitter is rolling out this feature globally to iOS and Android smartphones,” The the company reportedly announced on Wednesday.

Twitter now lets users record, share videos in Direct Messages

Yet going to, user will have the ability to send videos from within Direct Messages threads, but then lack the ability to possibly record them straight on the website.

A GIF button as well as a video support is not really a big additional medicine for Twitter’s longstanding ailments but then they are a big step further in equipping the website for a competitive battle with Google or Facebook.

Of late, Twitter made introduction of fresh timeline feature which makes it possible for users to never miss on vital tweets from people they follow via entertaining them to a choice of seeing the best tweets first. Underneath are the rest of the tweets displayed.

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