Amazon raises free shipping minimum to $49

Amazon made the revelation lately that it is making an official increment to its free shipping minimum to $49 for non-Prime members. This marks a climb in the quantity of $14 from the last minimum which was kept at $35 it last raised prices in 2013. Customers who aim to make purchases as to $25 worth of books will still yet enjoy free shipping, though.

Amazon raises free shipping minimum to $49

Maintaining the tradition, Amazon hasn’t unraveled the notion behind details as to why the price for shipping is climbing. But then one logical conclusion we could possibly arrive at is with its Prime service only growing, the retail giant is seemingly bent on impelling more of customers to click into its $99 yearly subscription package.

On top of this, Amazon’s financials suffered a setback last quarter which could be majorly attributed to shipping and delivery costs. Adding to prices surely has the prospects of adding more money, but then we give it time to see of this move realizes its possible targets.

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