Tutorial: Ways to prevent videos on twitter from playing automatically

People get to lose their browsing data more often and without help when they visit twitter. This happens each time you scroll through your twitter timeline.

You can prevent this unfortunate occurrence by following the procedures below.
• Once you have signed in to your twitter account, click on your profile picture and select “settings and privacy” option.

• Once it opens, locate “content” option, and under video tweets, uncheck the box having “video Autoplay”
• After that, click save changes, fill in your password then click “save changes again”
After these, you will not have to bother about your video automatically playing again.
But if you are making use of the twitter app, either on your iphone or your android device, the procedure is quite different.

To overcome this Autoplay issue while using the twitter app, just follow the procedure below.
• Launch the App,
• Right click on your profile page
• Click on the settings icon, click settings and privacy
• Then go to data usage > video Auto play
• Locate mobile data & WiFi and set it to “never”
• Click the back arrow, then click done

After these steps, you won’t have to worry any more.

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