Looking at some of the features and functionalities of Apple’s iOS11

In order for Apple to enhance functionality on its operating system, iOS 11 was officially brought to light at the WWDC 2017.

This declaration was made by its CEO Tim Cook. As it stands, this latest update is geared towards an integral improvement on millions of user interfaces. Major updates are focused on improved functionality on iPad, others include Apple Pay, messages and other apps. Speculatively, iOS 11 might be released together with iPhone 7s and iPhone 8.

A demonstration of iOS 11 by Craig Federighi entailed details on conversation synchronization across iCloud, iOS, and Mac OS. These details showing the relative ease and collective unison within products. For example, a message deleted from your iPhone or iPad will be notified on your mac also.

This happens to save time on double notifications and the tendency to delete conversations again.

The enabling feature of the iCloud helps to store messages for easy retrieval for your other apple devices. But in order to do this, some terms and conditions on privacy statements would be of importance.

So far this iOS is a thick improvement from Apple. What particularly stands out in all is the ability to bring unison across multiple user platforms cutting across Mac, iPad, and iPhones.

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