How To Improve Your Samsung Battery Life Using Power Saving Mode

Most iPhone users are ignorant of the features their phones are built with. A feature like power saving mode is of great importance in improving the battery live of any mobile device you can find this feature on most devices in the settings on the phone.

One way of improving the battery life of your Samsung device is to reduce the power saving mode to the least with a very reduced saving more battery power will be conserved hence keeping your mobile device on at all times. But the effect of reducing its brightness is as follows:

1. It limits the CPU functionality
2. Background network usage will be disabled
3. Reduced screen brightness

From a practical view, you cannot manage its disadvantage all the time. So, you might have to adjust the features to settle for the best. In order to this, click on “customize” and examine the options then select the one best suitable.

In the case scenario of a complete absence of power, the “max” power mode is your best bet. The way it works is it reduces the screen’s resolution and automatically reduces performance yet allowing your phone to retain its fundamental function.

In order to enable Samsung users to quickly access such feature, they have put in place a launcher to easily put an app to sleep temporarily. To do this Tap an icon on the home screen and click sleep. This temporarily disengages an app and prevents it from consuming more power.

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