Hurray: You Can Now Mute Notifications From People Who Don’t Follow You On Twitter

The world is such a busy place and sometimes we jealously guide the smallest privacy we can afford. And after such a tiring day, you intend relaxing and refreshing. And then a buzz from one phone jolts you into reality again. Well it could be a miracle bank alert, so you pick up your phone. But ughhh, it is a notification from Twitter – worse still from someone you are not following. Well relief has come!

Twitter has released a couple of advanced filters that help you in snoozing your notifications from accounts you are not following. Sounds interesting right? With these filters in place, you can mute accounts having a default profile. But not vice versa though.

If you want to set these filters, it is well simple though. All you need do is proceed to Notifications, from there proceed to Settings, checking the boxes of the filters that you would love to roll in. Not seeing the filters? Check under the gear icon for the Notification timeline.

Although many of us would have love ways to massively unfollow all people who are not following you. Twitter is reluctant to add this on the ground that this may trigger misuse of mass unfollowing people after which you follow other accounts continually, right till an account possibly gathers a heavy chunk of followers as well as a low following count.

Good work from those guys over there at Twitter though!

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