Geofilters Now Included In Snapchat’s App

Since the inception of Snapchat’s geofilter, its relevance has been seen in several ways very handy. These geofilters come are widely extensive. For example, a political demonstration holding in a particular location could utilize a filter for its snap, since the geofilter feature is a function of a particular location.

In order to create these filters, Snapchat has made it easier as it has an already created geofilter inside snapchat app or you could also make use of snapchat web tool.

While creating the geofilter, you could select different themes such as birthday, graduation, wedding and lots more and select a location you could also add some other stuff like emoji, texts and any other befitting attachment and then submit for approval.

Snapchat gets to approve these geofilters within a day. If you aren’t aware or might have forgotten, it’s not absolutely free as you get to pay as low as $5.99, it also depends on how long you can wait. various prices ranges with respect to how long you can wait for its approval. Waiting time ranges from an hour to about 90 days.
I would advise you to make use of this innovative concept.

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