Facebook Celebrated Harry Potter Franchise 20th Anniversary

On June 26th 1997, exactly 20 years ago, the first book, Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone (later re-titled “the sorcerer’s stone” in America) was released.

Facebook social media has dimmed it fit to help celebrate the harry potter franchise. As spotted by the next web, facebook has incorporated a cute Easter egg for posts. The wonders of facebook have perfected the anniversary as the celebration is followed with some significant happenings as played in the book.

For instance, if the word harry potter is mentioned, in a text posts, will cause the words to light up in red color, also tapping on harry potter related words will cause a magic wand to show up and shoot sparks.

Indeed , it’s so beautiful and innovative, also other characters like “Gryffindor,” “Ravenclaw,” “Huffle puff,” when written in same way causes the words to light up in their respective house colors (Harry and Gryffindor in red, Ravenclaw in blue, Huffle puff in yellow, and slytherin in green).

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