Truecaller Christmas package: Adds Call Me Back feature for Android

So far, Truecaller has been a revelation for most of us. Being able to identify the true personality behind a number must be said to be an addition especially with the waves of crime being perpetrated on phone; true caller is one massive step forward as to safer communication.

Yet we are yet to see the best of Truecaller for this year as the apps owners didn’t let the year slip by without adding the Call Me Back feature.

Truecaller has rolled on an update to the edition of the app on Google Play today. This new 7.82 version has added one sumptuous feature: Call Me Back. This feature makes sure that at any given interval, you will get information about the status of your contact; whether the individual is non-reachable or busy or it could be something else obstructing the call.

So you as a user will now get push notifications for missed calls; this way vital calls are barely likely to skip past your memory.

According to Truecaller, the update is a strong show of their passionate dedication of introducing more efficiency and safety to communication.

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