Tutorial: How You Can Search for Emoji and GIFs in Android’s Google Keyboard

The big reality here is that emojis are becoming the complete face of modern day communication. As crazy as a GIF may really look to you, it brings the comforting edge to how we interact with our acquaintances, which is well different from the plain or instant text we have been managing so far. It is thus expected that emoji should form a foundational component of Google Keyboard. Yet many people don’t really know how to look for emoji or GIFs in their Android Google Keyboard now shortened as Gboard.

Fret not with the recent updates Google rolled out to its keyboard, any one can easily access GIFs or emojis straight from the Google keyboard. So stress free. Let us show you how.

Well, if it is the most recent version of the basic Android keyboard tagged Gboard—then there is now improved convenience as to how you can access emojis. So when you tap on that normal small face to move over to emoji interface, Google has added a fresh function: Search Emoji. This is absolutely wonderful, for the fact that if you are acquainted with the kind of emoji you are looking for, all you just need do is begin typing the description to see the closest fit. No stress at all.

It is possible you advance your communicate-with-pictures-rather-than-words affair, for the fact you now have a GIF button the bottom of the emoji keyboard. Simply tap on it to pop up the list of GIFs that are available—we also have suggestions under the very GIFs; all along the bottom.

So if you are precisely on the lookout for something, also presented there is the search option, coming on top of all the GIFs. Simply click on that, after which you could begin searching. This will now search through big services like Imgur, Giphy as well as Tumblr, such that it displays every of the option right there in the keyboard section. Thus when any of them appeals completely to your taste, you will now tap it to transfer it to the message box—you then have the options of sending it straight or spicing it with some text.

That is all, no stress of tweaking anything, it is as simple and direct as that. Enjoy!!

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