2017 gaming package: Nintendo plans releasing up to three mobile games every year

More more and more. The Oliver Twist spirit has become a behavioral epidemic. No body is satisfied anymore; we want more, can we we even have two christmas days in a year? Not only us want more; even Nintendo wants more!

The mega successes of Pokemon and Nintendo couldn’t really satisfy Nintendo, and now the company is priming up for new heights. Nintendo has now set the solemn ambition of a gross expansion of its mobile game world far beyond Super Mario Run. This was confirmed by an interview between Japan-based media outlet Kyoto NP and the company’s president Tatsumi Kimishima.

According to the president, Kimishima has voiced Nintendo’s lofty dreams, thinking up the prospects of releasing about two or three games every year, this would begin next year. So far we have learnt that Nintendo is already putting things on ground to release Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on a mobile platform in 2017, this could be a plus to the intended Android edition of Super Mario Run.

Precisely, you can say Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s introductory dive into mobile gaming following its ambitious smartphone app Miitomo. The thing however is that there is no Super Mario Run on Android as SuperMario is strictly available on iOS devices.

We earlier told you Nintendo has no regrets in its decision to tie SuperMario to iOS as SuperMario has already been downloaded 40 million times! No wonder Nintendo wants to roll in more games to replicate this success. Even Nintendo President Kimishima has nailed his ambitions that Super Mario Run would at the end get to 100 million downloads.

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