Something to spoil your Xmas rice: Meet the 5-YEAR-OLD making millions playing with toys

I had always wanted to have a bullion van by thirteen, I wanted to have an ATM machine in my bathroom by the time I was eleven. I always dreamt of a toilet troll made from real dollars; all my humble lovely dreams. Now well grown up, I have to eat Buhari rice with doors locked as I don’t even have enough to share with neighbors….lol!

It is not so everywhere sha o. Meet Ryan your normal five-year-old. But he is not like “normal”. He is a US millionaire, and it is abnormal because he is just five. You know how we makes his millions? Soft work: he simply plays with toy cars, going down water slides and riding tricycles. Can you imagine?All his parents do is film him playing with toys and uploads it to YouTube. That is all, and the bills keep rolling in. The channel is Ryan ToysReview.

This channel was created just last year in March. And over the time the channel has gathered such a dazzling capacity of audience. The views the Ryan ToysReview gathered so swelled that Ryan’s mom, had to quit her normal job as a high school chemistry teacher so as to fully focus on working on the YouTube channel.

Across the last 18 weeks so far, Ryan ToysReview has risen widely to the most famous channel in the US on YouTube, even rising to the second biggest globally! The viewership beats famous shows like Justin Bieber, even the WWE. This viewership runs into a whooping $1 million every month from just advertising revenue.

“He is definitely the youngest YouTube star we’ve ever seen,” according to Josh Cohen, an industry analyst and founder of TubeFilter. When the channel launched, Ryan was just three years old. “It’s the biggest of this genre of programming that is getting billions of views a week on YouTube. Really nobody is talking about it, but it’s crazy once you start scratching the surface.”

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