Samsung feeling the heat as Reddit user’s Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ gets caught in fire

Truth is 2016 has been a very hot year for Samsung, a burning year of fire and flames. The Note 7 will be one memory Samsung will struggle to bury. But it seems Samsung would soon be needing a bigger coffin to bury its hurt as it seems the Galaxy S6 edge+ would follow in the explosive path of the Note 7.

Reports reveal that a reddit user’s Galaxy S6 edge+ completely burned down on h

is nightstand. Rather on the side of fortune, the owner was not inflicted with any injuries. It was just the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the nightstand it actually was on that got immersed in the burning.

Going by details revealed by the reddit user ReturnThroughAether, the phone got caught up in fire when the phone was just sitting on the nightstand; doing nothing. This was rather surprising as prior to this, there has been no earlier indications of heating or battery problems. The Reddit user also gave strong confirmations that he only deployed the original charger supplied with the phone for charging the Galaxy S6 edge+.

From the look of the damaged phone, it appears the battery had really gotten involved in combustion, there was this distinct marking around the back and front of the phone precisely on the position where the battery is located. The display looked seriously hurt in the same depth the back of the phone was damaged.

This was not very related however with the infamous quagmire of the Note7. We can say the S6 edge+ has been about a year old in the market, and we have not heard about cases of battery burning all this while. Surely 2016 will be a year to forget for Samsung.

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