Nintendo smashes App Store record with Super Mario Run: How It Did This

Announcements coming from Nintendo was rather an official confirmation of what we have been expecting. Well no doubt about it, Super Mario Run was a mega success. The company revealed confirmations that Super Mario recorded an exceeding download of 40 million in course of its first four days. This smashed its predecessor App Store record which was set by Pokémon GO, still a Nintendo property.

In addition to crazy downloads, Super Mario Run equally parades itself as officially the top ranking app in the ‘Free’ category in 140 separate markets globally. Another mesmerizing achievement notched by Super Mario was that it was ever present in the top 10 in the ‘Top Grossing’ list in about 100 markets on the App Store.

Well this is quite expected though reason being that Super Mario debuts as the first game built personally by Nintendo essentially for the mobile platform. Another reason that contributed to Nintendo’s success was its fertile partnership with Apple, this is really bearing fruits considering it is the very first time in the whole history of the App Store that every one App Store slide tiles featured the same title. For this very reason, Super Mario is not on android. Well Nintendo has no reason now for worry.

Not to forget that Super Mario marks its appearance as a free title on the store. This is surely going to pull in a larger number of persons in downloading, yet this turns out a little trick as after three levels, Nintendo will demand payment from you to continue with the rest of the game.

So far the strategy seems to be working very well for Nintendo.

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