Instagram gets tastier as it adds on stickers

Just of late, Facebook rolled in a number of fresh features to Instagram, Facebook doesn’t think that is enough hence it is not grinding down at all; hitting us with update after update. The most recent of the stuffs Facebook is rolling out to Instagram are stickers. Well a number for us for long have been rather expecting Facebook to have done this very much earlier on. Our disappointment is really reasonable considering that Facebook seems sworn to rip Snapchat of its customer base.

All the same, Facebook has brought the stickers to Instagram now anyway. You can enjoy using stickers in your Instagram Stories, lacing stickers to your photos as well as even adding stickers to videos. So when you are through capturing a photo per say, a fresh Stickers button will appear close to the text with the option of sticker well reliant on where you are are,what time -and the weather too. So you could simply make a choice of your location and then apply the stickers you have chosen. So when people come across your story, to have more information about the location, they will have to tap the sticker

Just in line with your expectation, the sticker are mobile and could be moved around either enlarging the stickers or reducing your selection of a sticker from the variety of styles available. You can choose as many stickers as you want.

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