HTC is preparing a delicious surprise “for U” come January 12

When it seems everyone is entangled in the spirit of the holiday, HTC is already looking forward into the new year. In fact HTC wants your festive period to stretch across January.

Obviously HTC doesn’t want to be much involved with the famous January consumer electronic show (CES) as then most brands are snuggled in the heat of competition arising from the release of many goods by separate brands, hence HTC is preferring to adopt a more peaceful time when it can jealously have all its customers to itself.

Come January 12, HTC will be launching something particularly “for U”. This was even more emphasized by the image in the picture above. HTC didn’t add officially to the picture aiming to suspend us on the ropes of anticipation till the product is eventually launched on the 12th of next year.

Sure you can look forward to that day and expect something pretty relishing from HTC. Let us excite our imagination a bit. Could it be the much talked about HTC 11, well while this is possible, it is not very likely. And also we shouldn’t forget that the X10 which was leaked of late did also have January for a launch date. Let us see what further details HTC will leak to us across the next week or so.

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