Facebook Messenger gets more delicious with group video calls

Facebook maintains a strict culture of adding one delicacy after another to Messenger. Just of late, we announced that Messenger was adding a fresh camera in the app, and before we can recover from that, Facebook has struck us with another. We now have group video calling on Facebook Messenger. This escorts one-to-one video calls which was rolled on Messenger just some time in 2015 with group voice coming just this April.

So a maximum count of 6 persons could be seen at the same time in a group video chat. Yet when it comes to call, about 50 persons could participate in a group voice call or at least simply listen. Here on group video call however, only the dominant speaker is displayed to all the participants.

Of course so many persons have been asking about group call in Messenger, thus we expect that this will be a very welcomed addition globally. Facebook has started rolling video chat out to Messenger’s website even its apps for iOS and Android. There is no restriction, any person in the world dan enjoy a group video call.

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