Tutorial: How you can Upload Sharper HD Photos and Videos from Your Phone to Facebook

Have you really noticed that the version of the photos or videos you upload on Facebook (that is the quality) is really lesser than the quality of that same video on your phone? Yes, this is because Facebook usually uses lesser quality versions of the videos.

So if you happen to make an upload a file from your phone to Facebook from either the Android application or the iOS application, the application has its configuration in a way with the cellular-data-saving settings to bring the resolution of the content down. This way you can greatly slash down the quality of your uploads. If you are looking into details really crucially, you will notice the reduction in quality.

Well this idea of low resolution video or images is great at helping you to economize your data, but pertaining to quality; it is not really the best. Yet there is a way however of switching to the high-resolution “HD” setting from the low-resolution default. The only thing that this would cost you however is increased data consumption. Now one thing we will like to explain here is that the Facebook for Android mobile app is not really compatible with HD video uploads (we don’t really know why) but then the mobile website does. So you might just want to use the mobile website since it is quite understandable that the Facebook’s Android app has not always been modern in terms of current trend.

So how can you enable HD Uploads

To start, you will have to take a small stroll into the settings menu. Good so from there you have the option of upping the quality of your uploads in just few minutes. So in the case where what you are using is Facebook for iOS, you could easily transfer the changes to Facebook for Android as well.

So you will have to launch the the app selecting the menu icon which appears in the lower corner.

So in the menu, take “Settings”.

There you can now select “Account Settings” within the pop-up menu that comes up.

Good, so you can scroll to “Videos and Photos”. It is down, just select it when you see it

Within the “Videos and Photos” menu, there is the the default state, which is “Upload HD”. Have you seen it, it is OFF for Photo and Video Settings.

There you can toggle one or both of the settings on, according to what you desire.

So there you are, you can upload a fresh video or photo from your mobile device, and you will see that the photo quality or the resolution of your video is much more improved.

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