The next Zenfones might rock a Qualcomm or MTK chip

Don’t look so surprised! They have a good reason for doing this; since Intel left the smartphone business, they had to switch to an alternative and what better ones than Qualcomm or MTk chipsets? Sure, it’s ben a really long relationship , to the point where Zenfone became a huge ally; in fact, they became so close that they organized the Zenvolution Computen event together. This year’s version holds on the 30th of May but may only involve laptops while the phones will be announced at a later date.


What we do know is that the devices are meant to hit major markets in six countries by august and 3 Variants are to be released; namely the Zenfone 3, Zenfone 3 max and Zenfone 3 deluxe. Specs have not been confirmed yet but if Zenfone sticks to tradition, these beauties should pack pretty good specs and not break the bank at the same time – not many manufacturers can pull this off. I think this feat is what has made them make 40% more revenue in the first quarter of 2016

Reports also state that the bulk of devices will rock a qualcomm processor while the rest will be driven by an MTK chipset. They also plan to make more of the Zenfone 3 max than any of the other variants. I for one am hyped and excited to see what Zenfone has in store.. This is already another great year in tech; but then again, which year isn’t. In case you were wondering, the possible prototypes for these devices are what you see above – thanks to Red Dot Design Awards.

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