Google’s keyboard for the iPhone is pretty cool

Releasing a keyboard for other platforms has been going around quite a lot lately; Google is the latest on that trend. They were reportedly working on this since March and now, it’s finally available for iOS users.


What they did was more or less blend the best features of Google Keyboard with Google Search; add a little fine-tuning and voila! Gboard is born! – The name sound kinda corny though; does it have something to do with Apple’s “no mention of the rival companies'” policy? Who knows… Anyways, the highlights of the keyboard are:

  • Word tracing – word flow, swype; whatever you prefer – you should just get the point
  • Search for a bunch of stuff right from the keyboard – this really is what makes the keyboard special
    • You could search for news articles, GIFs, and even emojis and paste them right into the text field.

I’m not sure you’ll get the picture with words; so I embedded a video of the demo below:


Maybe Apple will create a keyboard for Android soon – just kidding; it’s Apple… They found it hard to pull off maps at first (no hate). Besides, I’m not sure I could live without word gliding (so many names). If you would like to test out the app; head on to the App store to download it – link.

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