Facebook introducing 360-degree photos to the News Feed

Facebook has revealed it will make possible the view as much as upload of 360-degree photos on mobile and the web in the nearest time to come. This feature would bear much resemblance with the 360-degree videos. This way you will have the capacity to click as well as drag to navigate an environment on desktop or even move your phone around to see picture in better details as if it were a view finder. This development comes as a component of Facebook’s massive push to explore faraway places.

Facebook introducing 360-degree photos to the News Feed

Since September last year, we have had 360-degree video available on Facebook. Though it is possible it might take a while before creators and users come to fully enjoy the reality of this new format. Now Facebook is trying to introduce improved compatibility of the platform to photos, which you could take with phone not necessarily some very costlier video rig. This update will present Facebook users with the capacity to make update of panoramas which they captured with basically their smartphone cameras.

Facebook intends to encourage people to generate photos and videos to the highest quantity they can. The simple idea is that the more these photos on Facebook, the more time people would get submerged in the social network.

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