Apple to pepper the iPhone 7 Plus with Dual Camera and 3GB RAM

As at January, reports were circulating around that the iPhone 7 Plus would present a dual camera. We weren’t sure then as the possibility was also sound that Apple may just bring a single camera version of its big model. But now it is much more certain that Apple would bring on the dual-camera in the 5.5-inch Plus, as well as including 3GB of RAM in that model which will take care of the image-processing duties.

Apple to pepper the iPhone 7 Plus with Dual Camera and 3GB RAM

From what we have gathered so far on the iPhone 7, it appears the phone will not be much different from the iPhone 6S. We don’t know for certain whether it would have a headphone jack. It is still very likely that Apple would introduce the Smart Connector which you see on the iPad Pro.

There is the rising possibility that the iPhone 7 will have a fresh design for its antenna in addition to this dual camera addition. But so far, you will admit that dual cameras are miles ahead of single cameras in terms of convenience and even functionality. Even HTC and a number of android phone makers have made moves to realize the design of dual cameras.
We can’t equally rule out the possibility or the iPhone 7 presenting a bump in its design as well.

So far the device looks to be a bomb. Surely Apple needs all the artillery it could get now in face of dwindling sales and shackled growth, hence the iPhone 7 Plus may all together turn our to be more audacious.

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