Meet the largest microSD card: Samsung’s 256GB microSD card

Fresh limits have been clearly set for storage on the format. With the announcement of the 256GB microSD card by Samsung,we can boldly say that the extremes for storage just got renovated.

Meet the largest microSD card: Samsung's 256GB microSD card

Going into details of what this memory card is all about. The The EVO Plus 256GB microSD from Samsung has the capacity to write and read speeds of 95MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. With this memory card on, you could store up to 55,200 photos, 33 hours of full HD video, or 23,500 songs as well as. According to reports reaching us, this memory card could cost of $249.99. Of course, there is the option a warranty in payment.

You will agree with me that 256GB is an expansive lot. It is almwots as having the full world on phone. A big relief from the economics of space management on our devices. You could just yet your hand on any stuff you choose, and you could just keep it in your phone to use next year. You owe no one no apologies, you have the storage spade now.

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