Apple is at it again: Crazy tech and a new Patent

You’ve probably seen the Curved OLED displays and devices like the LG G-Flex, but believe me this is better and way cooler. Imagine a cover that also acts as a display. This is what I mean:


The uses of this could be endless; I’ll go through a few below:

Imagine if you could use it as an extended display – a second screen if you wish.

Media controls could pop up on this cover when playing music or a video – like some smart cases. Like this:


Let’s talk about connectivity. There are a few possible ways this smart cover could be connected to the iPad; it could be something like Microsoft’s smart covers or they could use the lightning connector, NFC etc. The list really is actually endless; I’m pretty stoked to see what Apple is going to do about connection – hope they don’t find a way to make it awkward like the Pencil. Another cool thing would be to add a battery to the cover so you could continue viewing whatever was on the display before you disconnected it e.g a document. The patent drawings/sketch also show possible solar panels which is entirely possible and pretty smart I might add


As for the display itself, it obviously is going to be flexible according the patent – we’ll get to that in a bit. It should rock an AMOLED display considering the fact that not every part of the display is going to be lit up at any point in time, an AMOLED display would pull that off seamlessly since individual pixels could be lit up independent of the rest. When you want to pull off something like this:


AMOLED sure is the way to go.

The patent was granted yesterday after they reportedly filed for it in 2011. I must also point out that this doesn’t mean they would immediately implement this but they sure have plans to do so in the nearest future – or not so near future; it depends. With the pace tech is progressing, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that this could be reality in a year or two.

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