Instagram releases official app for Windows 10

For those of you that use a windows phone running windows 10, I have good news for you; there’s an official app for Windows 10. From what I see, there’s practically no difference between this version and the Android variant.


Even though there is a replacement or an official app – choose your pick; during my short fling with Windows Phone, 9tag had a little more to offer than the official instagram app: the best being the fact that I could save Instagram pictures and videos directly from the app without having to use third party apps like InstaSave – considering the fact that 9tag itself was a third party app, adding a second third party app didn’t quite sit well with me.

So, you can go ahead and uninstall 9tag now (I know that’s what you use as a replacement). But on a different note, what happens to the Windows 8 variant now? Is there going to be any more development on it? Well, I wouldn’t really bother if I were you; 9tag is always there and it always has that little something to offer that Instagram just lacks as of now.

Now on to my Wish List, this might be a little too much to ask; but dear Instagram, could you build an official app for Blackberry 10 devices? the third party alternative is nothing like 9tag. I know you could port 9tag from Andy but that comes with it’s own complications. For now, I think you can head on to the store and install instagram – just to test it out; cos when I get my Lumia back, I sure am still sticking to 9tag; but that’s just me.

Microsoft did mention that Windows Mobile wouldn’t die just like that and they sure are making sure of that. Just recently, Vine released their app for the tablets, Microsoft introduced their new touch thingy; this sure is going to be an interesting couple of months.

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