The Xiaomi Mi Max phablet battery would last a full day

This is the time of the year when smartphone makers beat their reggae drums loudly to create general market anticipation awaiting their products. It is necessary that they follow the “after the reggae play the blues” pattern so that the market is all blue and lovely for the product when it arrives. Of course, smartphone market is about to receive a busy of flagship smartphones so hence smartphone makers are trying to let their aroma saturate the market as much as possible so that when the devices come out, they are rushed right at the gate.


Xioami is not left out as the company has been romantically teasing us with the Xioami Mi Max. The phone is said to boast an official 6.4-inch FullHD display,which will bring in 24 hours of battery life on the least count. That means the phone will last us a full day right? The company also made emphasis on its enormous display of the device which they promise wouldn’t be an inconvenience holding.

The Mi Max as we know is a Xiaomi phablet and apart from the hopeful reality that it brings a 6.4″ IPS LCD of 1080p resolution, reports have strongly circulated around the market that it would also bring in a Snapdragon 650 chipset in company of a hexacore CPU as well as Adreno 510 GPU. The Xiaomi Mi Max would as well bring along as two memory configurations: 3GB /32GB and 2GB/16GB. We are also expecting the Mi Max to have a16MP rear camera.

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