The 4 Secrets of Successful Self-Employed

There are differences between a self-employed and a successful self-employed. The successful self-employed are the ones we envied, they are smart and they make their stress-free money with their smart strategies.


Today, I have compiled the four secrets of successful self-employed, the secrets that distinguish them from others.

1. They Implement Knowledge

Acquisition of knowledge is not enough to be successful, what it takes is the implementation of the knowledge. The successful self-employed knows that the implementation of knowledge is power.

Knowledge is just like a commodity. Just like other sellable commodities, knowledge can only be powerful when it is organized, packaged, presented, shared, and received by others. In short, a knowledge not effectively shared with others is considered useless. So what makes knowledge an asset is your ability to educate others in a way that they can effectively apply it.

Before you proceed, read:

2. They Fully Utilize the Two Products we have

We all have two products we sell; the two products are time and knowledge. For instance,

Blogger – Spends time building, improving and developing his/her blog and then devise means of monetization (knowledge).
Doctor – Sells hours of his/her life to perform medical treatments based on the knowledge stored in his/her brain.

The two scenarios listed above portrays that what we all do is trading our knowledge and time for money.
So what successful self-employed does is that they take information out of their brain and then spend time to convert it into a valuable product in return for money. Successful self-employed achieve success by crafting knowledge and time into one convenient bundle that can be sold as many times as possible.

Are you now planning to join the wagon of successful self-employed? If yes, solve the following questions that drive the successful self-employed to be crazily successful:

  • What knowledge do you have in your brain that provides value to others?
  • How can you extract this information and sell it?

3. Time and Money: Which is valuable?

Time and Money are the forms of currency that is spend everywhere. Intending successful self-employed must learn to harness both and must understand that of the two currencies, time is the most valuable because it cannot be replenished. True success is measured by the surplus of time and liberty to do with it as you choose.

Time factor must be considered as an important factor in your money making formula. Any money making formula that get you paid on timely basis will eventually stop working for you one day as your fuel runs out (time).

What successful self-employed does is that they apply what they know into a package that can be designed and built once, and then repeatedly sold over and over again. The key to the success of this is to devise a unique way to promote.

4. They Know What They Want

Successful self-employed knows what they want out of what they are doing, so that distinguishes them from others. The secret of success is about knowing what you really want out of what you are doing and diligently implementing your abilities and what you understand. Success is a matter of choice and perception.

The possibilities of success are limitless to those who know what they want out of what they are doing. We’ve seen and heard of so many people who have laid-off their 7-7 day job and end up becoming a millionaire within a few years.

Here are just the 4 secrets of successful self-employed. If you put them to work, am very sure it will work for you as it has worked for many people in the past.

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