Every responsible woman should marry – Sylvia Olisa

Marriage is an institution where one man is joined to one woman atleast until gay people started coming out. In the olden days it was a very huge celebration and frankly even up to this moment. Every man who is of age and well-to-do comes to a point in his life where he wants to make a family of his own and that is why marriage is important because it makes the family official. Be that as it may, the institution of marriage is gradually losing its value in the world and even in Nigeria as people no longer value it. Nigeria is now a country filled with so many failed relationships and marriages to the extent that some women decide not to get married. Even those that consider getting married at some point decide that they are not satisfied with their marriages and as a result, the rate of divorce in Nigeria is very high.

Nollywood’s beautiful actress who goes by the name of Sylvia Olisa nee Anyanwu seems to have landed a serious blow on the faces of many of Nigerian women today who have lost faith in the institution of marriage and perceive it to be of no importance in human life especially their’s, irrespective of the fact that it ordained by holy books. While our sources were in talks with the Nollywood star who so happens to be a graduate of Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Sylvia Olisa stated as explicitly as possible that every man or woman ought to look forward to getting married if they consider themselves as responsible human beings.

In reaction to a questioned that was presented to her concerning marriage and sex, and relationship, the actress said, “Well, marriage is a very very important institution that any responsible man or woman should embark on.”

“Starting your own family on time is very important too, so you can have the youthfulness and strength to raise your kids. Kids of these days take a lot of your energy, both physically and mentally,” she added. On sex, she said, “Sex should be had between two people that are fully ready emotionally, mentally and financially to handle any consequence that comes from it.” Sylvia Olisa, who has produced two movies of her own, namely; Next Door Nuisance and Longest Day, having featured in blockbusters like Aguiyi Ironsi and Shina Rambo and many others, married movie producer, Prince Iyke Olisa in 2016 and had her first child three months after in the United States. “I didn’t plan to marry a producer. We were friends, then fell in love and the rest is history. I got pregnant before marriage but we have been planning the marriage long before I took in,” she had revealed in another interview.

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