Danny Young hits Tiwa Savage with N200 million lawsuit

Copyright infringement is what we generally know to be piracy. It essentially means to make use of works that are under the protection of copyright laws. Infringement is a violation of certain rights owned by the holder of a copyright. Some of these rights include; the right to reproduce, the right to distribute, the right to display or perform the work that’s protected, or to make derivatives of the protected works.

From all indication, it does not appear that the issue regarding copyright infringement that has been on between celebrity stars Tiwa Savage from Mavin Records and singer Danny Young has been settled, neither have they been able to find a middle ground. To be exact, the issue has taken on a whole new turn since it initially began.

According to the reports that we got from our sources since the onset of the problem in between the two superstars, Danny Young filed a copyright infringement against Tiwa Savage on the basis of the argument that she had committed intellectual theft. After Tiwa Savage released her single title “One”, Danny Young in a video he posted claimed that the lyrics of the song was stolen from his single in the year 2009 which was titled “Oju Tiwon.”

In another report from an external source still covering the issue, the assertions which were made by Danny Young got picked up and followed by the well-known platform for video streaming called YouTube. After Danny Young’s claim, YouTube pulled Tiwa Savage’s “One” single from their website platform.

As the issue developed, our sources gave us reports that the celebrity singer, Tiwa Savage went on social media and expressed her joy and delight as she announced the restoration of her single on YouTube after the video streaming platform could not find any evidence of the claims by Danny Young and therefore ruled the claims as “unfounded.”

A new post on the Instagram page of Danny Young shows that the battle is far from won as he had shared a couple of documents that appeared to be a lawsuit filed against Tiwa Savage and Mavin Records.

After a few days, Danny Young made a post on his Instagram page which suggested from every indication that the issue was far from being settled. The Nigerian singer shared a few documents on the social media network which seemed to be a lawsuit that he filed against Tiwa Savage and Mavin Records. It appeared that he was determined to not let it matter just slide.

His lawyer’s, Creative Legal, filed for damages in the sum of N200 million for copyright infringement. The aggrieved singer is said to be seeking remedy against Tiwa and Mavin for unlawfully copying his 2009 release Oju Tiwon, in Tiwa’s 2018 release One.

His lawyer’s Creative Legal filed that lawsuit for a whooping sum of N200 million against the superstar diva, Tiwa Savage and her record label, Mavin Records for copyright infringement. Danny Young feels badly hurt over the matter and believes that he is entitled to indemnification.

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