Nadia Buari – ‘a baby won’t keep a man’

Human beings one way or another tend to end up a product of their relationships. Relationships are a part of human life and they affect us either positively or negatively whether we like it or not. All human beings tend to have relationships with both animate and inanimate objects. For example, a little girl can have a relationship with her doll, there’s a certain kind of relationship that families who like pets have with either their dog or cat; there’s a form of relationship between friends, relationship between family members. But, the most rampant form of relationship in our time is relationship between members of the opposite sex which sometimes lead to dating and/or marriage, ultimately.

After all that’s been said above, one question that burgles the mind is, “Why are there so many failed marriages or relationships?”. This has become the order of the day in the daily Nigerian situation especially among our celebrities. Most of the ladies especially, we have gathered end up in broken relationships and marriages so much that people no longer believe in the institution of marriage.

Our sources gathered some thoughts from one of these celebrities specifically Ghanaian actress and diva by the name of Nadia Buari, on talk about relations with the members of the opposite sex and the beautiful actress had a lot to say concerning men in general. She said that if a man doesn’t want to be tied down, there’s nothing that the woman can do about and ladies who opt for getting pregnant for him or look their best won’t change anything.

Expressing this view of hers on social media, the actress seemed to be advising young women out there who think they can get a man to stay that it’s not possible if he is not willing to. She even said that being a goodly woman won’t get a man to stay with a woman.

The gorgeous mother of four lovely children said that the reason she decided to share the advice just as soon as she had ended a call where she was discussing with a friend from her childhood days.

According to Nadia Buari, it seemed that her childhood friend was of the view that when a woman has a baby for her boyfriend, the fact that it is his child will make him want to remain with her. The popular actress noted that her friend was at present having some certain problems in her current relationship with her man.

The actress was sure to make it known publicly that she is in total disagreement with her friend as she strongly conceives that nothing, not even a baby can keep a man. She went on to say that a man can only stay if he is a keeper.

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