Davido: I paid over N26m as fine for time extension in O2 arena)

A few weeks ago, well-known and revered musician, Davido was wrapped up within so many controversial matters relating to his performance which he staged in the O2 arena in London. Before the show, Davido made a promise to all Nigerians, including his fans and haters combined that he would definitely sell all the tickets to the show. Even though the photos from the show displayed that without doubt the arena was filled up, a lot of people still claimed that some seats were vacant.

In spite of the claims that the show didn’t sell out, 26-year old musician, Davido was stood his ground on the claim that he really sold out all the show’s tickets and went on to provide evidence of this fact.

While speaking to o one of our sources, the young music artiste stated in full detail how he ended up selling all the tickets of his show in London despite the fact that he met with a lot of challenges that could have stopped it and one of the challenge he faced was the habit of coming late which was eminent in most of the African population. The music star said that he had no choice but to wait for some people to arrive at the show’s venue and as such, a show meant to kick-off at 8pm started an hour and thirty minutes later.

In his words: “They said I gotta get on stage by 8, and I said alright and then by 8 o’clock my boy come tell me that brother you can’t go on stage right now and I say what you mean, he said brother everybody is still walking around, I looked at the stadium, half empty. I was going crazy.”

It might have been a reasonable thing for him to wait. But this came at a cost. Due to the fact that his waiting was breaching the contract he had had with the management of O2 arena, Davido had to pay a fine.

Although it was only reasonable for him to wait for the people to get to the show’s venue, however, there was a cost to him. Waiting for his audience was a breach to the agreement that was made between him and the O2 arena’s management and this called for a fine. The management was not joking about this fine as popular musician, Davido, was charged the sum of 50,000 pounds which amounts to 26 million in naira.

He went on to say that the money he spent was not much of a big deal to him considering the fact that he only cared about making a success of his show and thus keep people from making nasty comments or taking pictures that would go ahead of his success.

“I’ll pay two hundred thousand pounds in this place. Me, the way I know my people, people want me to fail. If I go on that stage that place is half empty, somebody will take that picture and that picture will go farther than anything. I waited till that place was filled. I waited for about an hour and thirty before we started. I’d rather pay the fine because people don’t want you to win. Negativity goes way farther than positivity.”

Davido stated that his Dad is his biggest fan as he talked about how he really started to make it in the music industry, he added, “When I was out here (in America) for like eight months, nothing really happened. But it was when I decided to finally go back home. When I got back home to do what I do, then people started sending me snaps that yo, I’m hearing your songs every day.”

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