Soonest, Chromebooks will be running almost every Android app

It appears that Google may not be taking long in pulling down the separations between its two operating systems: Chrome OS and Android.

Soonest, Chromebooks will be running almost every Android app

Soonest, Chromebooks will be running almost every Android app

Should these obstructions be removed, then Chrome OS users would be able to access Android apps from the Google Play Store. It was noted this weekend that Chromebooks which run a version 51 of Chrome OS were displaying a checkbox in their settings menu. This checkbox indicated “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.” Although the option quickly vanished into the thinnest air, yet it was already tangibly inferable from the Chrome OS source code app that it will not be taking long before Chromebook users start enjoying a luxurious number running over a millions of apps and games on the Google Play Store.

This very particular edition of Chrome OS in which this feature comes up can only be gotten for now in the Developer Channel, and gathering from those few who have gone about enabling it, we learnt that it only shows a tutorial before automatically closing, but there is the solid prospects of this project coming real soonest as we look towards Google’s I/O conference next month.

Some time back in 2014, Google initially began making Android apps — some of these including Evernote, Vine, Evernote — available on Chrome OS. This came as part of a limited trial that had its expansion initiated in April 2015 getting larger with the launch of the ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) Welder app.

Yet in face of heated debates in the past that the separation between the two OS should be maintained, the truth is this would be great refreshing diet of information for Chrome OS users, who have been relishing the chance to get their hands on a bigger and rounder store like the Google Play. You will agree with the that the Google Play store boasts a larger number of software, even accepting payment in fatter number of countries, as well as having better support as compared to its Chrome OS cousin over the last few years.

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