Prophecy Time: The iPhone 7 Could be WaterProof

The iPhone 7 is still in the kitchen cooking. But of course the aroma is already saturating the market as mouthwatering appeal of the phone has been circulating all about of late. It has been said that many cats have been let out of the bag as regards the upcoming iPhone 7, yet the bag still has some whiskers left in it as Apple is striving hard to maintain an element of surprise and anticipation around the iPhone 7.

Prophecy Time: The iPhone 7 Could be WaterProof

Prophecy Time: The iPhone 7 Could be WaterProof

Yet some features have crept into the open so far, and one of them is that the iPhone 7 is going to be waterproof. This will certainly be the first of its kind for an iPhone device. For some time now, the possibility of this coming true has been brewing and now it is getting more solid that Apple is really planning to make the iPhone 7 tastier with this technical recipe. The rumour this time coming from Apple’s insider supply chain.

According to reasonably concrete reports, the The iPhone 7 finished its third round of testing, and it is not only water proof, it is also dust proof. In addition to this, prototypes could be presented with a touch-sensitive capacitive home button . With this particular one, you don’t really need to press it, just a touch would do. What is more, it could be pressure sensitive been 3D Touch-enabled!

Also on the possibility list for the iPhone 7 is it coming at a thickness of just 6.1mm, as well as sporting an enhanced make-up for the antenna bands on the back (which you could see in the pic above).

It is likely the iPhone 7 will not be accompanied with a 3.5mm headset jack. It could yet present wireless charging support, stereo speakers, as well as a smart Connector just like we have in the latest iPads. Also likely is that the iPhone 7 Plus will rock a dual-lens camera arrangement on the back.

Yet we can never be certain of all this, Apple reserves the privilege to toss us up and about in seas of uncertainty amidst storms of suspense. But as our aged men say, there is no smoke without fire, so a rumour could be much closer to the truth!

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