Nokia debuts in the gadget market with Withings


Withings is a French health fitness company that produces fitness devices ranging from smart scales to thermometers to wearable similar to smart-watches like the Activité smart watch etc.  and it seems Nokia is using them to debut in the Gadget game. They purchased the company for $191 million dollars. After Nokia sold it´s business section to Microsoft which seemed like a good and bad move at that time, this might seem like a sweet come back. You would definitely agree with me that smart-phones are an aging game and wearables are the next big thing; with IoT, damn… there´s no telling what tech in the next 3 years would be. I´m sure you´ve heard of the smart wine bottle from Kuvee – see what I mean now?

This very move is what some would liken to a phoenix rising from the ash. I bet many thought Nokia was totally out of the game and yet here they are again making moves and huge investments (remember the $191 million?). The integrity and bond Nokia built while they were still fully in the smartphone business is still strong in the hearts of consumers. They also showed us that they still had it in them to make beautiful devices (the N1 tab comes to mind).

This faith and trust they have built with customers coupled with the technical know-how and experience of Withings, I’m sure they would definitely not fail us; rather they would take this niche like a storm. I for one would not mind seeing or purchasing a Nokia branded smart-watch (not that I’m a fitness person), or purchasing any other device they might put out; why? because I trust Nokia not to fail in the hardware department; they should thrive in the software department too (the symbian days come to mind).

All in all, I think Nokia made a smart move and I’m very glad to see that they are not out of the game even though some of their staff (some of which were very crucial to Nokia’s technology) pulled out after the sell out – forgive my choice of words. Kudos Nokia and good luck!


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