Six second ads that can’t be skipped from YouTube


Could this get any worse?! First it was that ad that pops up once in a while that you cannot skip; which personally I didn’t mind because you could always skip the other ads. But now, they want to introduce inescapable ads?! Why, YouTube, why?

Oh, I know why: they want us to sign up for this YouTube red program. Why would you sign up for this? Well, it packs a few advantages, like:

  • For starters, no ads
  • You could download YouTube videos locally
  • You would not be blocked by a pay-wall; some YouTubers do put some videos behind a paywall so you can’t watch them without settling YouTube first; which in turn settles them(to use Nigerian grammar).
  • Playing videos in the background and a couple of others that I cannot seem to recall at the moment.

Being the devil’s advocate for a minute, this really benefits marketers. How? According to YouTube’s Zach Lupei, “We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads — and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them”. So these 6 second ads are actually called bumpers? Bumps more like! Hmmph.

YouTube also gave some statistical analysis as to why they opted to this method of ad service: the result from a research carried out by them states that 50% of 18 to 49 year olds consume or rather access YouTube from mobile devices – a lot of which is Music.Oh, now I see it, it’s like Pandora or Google Play Music where they stop your song to air an ad! – Not that it’s less annoying though. Anyways, the best /scariest part is yet to come! Brace yourselves…. It’s NOT replacing the other methods of displaying ads, it just adds to them. So there is a good chance that an advertiser can opt for multiple methods to display ads on a single video!

With what I see, you might not be able to enjoy YouTube anymore without being a premium subscriber else they’ll plague you with so much ads, you’ll start cussing. To worsen it, if the ads buffer, they’d have successfully ruined your day. Oh well, guess we are left with only 3 options:

  1. Be a paying subscriber
  2. Look for an alternative to YouTube
  3. Deal with the ads and don’t complain
  4. Yes, there is a fourth option; it is frowned upon by a few though.. So I’m somewhat skeptical on whether to post or not. Your response in the comments section will determine.

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