Soft work: Chrome for Android about to transfer URL bar to the bottom

This is a soft world, every body wants soft work. If possible people want to be president of the country and transfer administrative headquarters from Aso Rock to Elegushi beach. For some they wouldn’t doing their MBA exams on WhatsApp. Well Android for Chrome is about to get softer.

Soft work: Chrome for Android about to transfer URL bar to the bottom

Yes, your Android Chrome is about to get much lovelier. There is about to be a lease of convenience handling your Chrome for Android with one hand. This means you could use your Android Chrome, with just one palm; with little or no stress.

From what we are seeing, Google is at present testing transferring the URL bar as well as controls to the bottom. Previously it used to be at the top.

Well this is no overtly technical update – what it does is simply transfer every Chrome for Android’s controls straight to the the bottom. The new position will be closer to your thumb when you are handling your phone in your right hand.

If you understand what this means, it makes things much easier as you can easily navigate your chrome with just one hand. If your remember, Safari for iOS doesn’t have its controls at the top, rather it is placed at the bottom. Even the Internet Explorer mobile has for some time now paraded a bottom-placed URL.


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