Nokia planning to strike us with a mysterious phone rocking a metal phone surface

With a host of lovable android phones as well as iPhones already sacking Nokia from its palace in the smartphone niche, Nokia is at present struggling very hard to keep its name up at least, trying hard to relaunch a territory recovery attempt in the smartphone market with some new devices.

Nokia is making very strong attempts at reintroducing itself with another phone this year. Drawing from Nokia’s strategy, we would be expecting say two phones from Nokia. So far what we have depicts the metal back of a Nokia smartphone we are yet to really have a name for it precisely. For those who have heard about the 13.8” Nokia D1C tablet, this one we are talking about is a wholly different phone.

Although this phone still remains a mystery phone, we are confident that Nokia’s intention for sure are not mysterious but notably ambitious. From what we are seeing, the phone presents two holes are for a camera still carrying in a flash. On the left of the phone, we saw two card trays , on the bottom you could see something like USB Type-C port as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

We have three possible colors for this smartphone: there is white, black and Gold. It seems it is just the Gold that rocks a physical Home button also presenting a fingerprint reader. We however look forward to Nokia to confirm what we have seen so far.

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