Delicious: Apple planning to add Jet White option to existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flavors

It is already an established culture of Apple to roll in some fresh color options with every of its released smartphone. And for this year, pertaining to the iPhone 7 series, Apple would be gloriously releasing a colour variant of exclusive Jet Black. To lay deep emphasis on its rarity, Apple is making the glossy black color strictly available only on the 256GB as well as the 128GB models.

Yet surfacing of late are reports indicating the possibility of Apple also bringing in an additionally exclusive color to the iPhones, this is not some futuristic plans from Apple, it is something that could happen soonest. This exclusive colour could be Jet White!

No doubt, Jet White surely would have that amazing look on the iPhone 7 as well as on the 7 Plus. This would again resurrect the craze about the iPhone 7 as well as the 7 Plus even after the holiday season.

On the other hand, we can say Apple doesn’t have that reputation of engaging in such releases mid-cycle. But then there is this unique feel to a fresh new color option for the upcoming iPhone generation. Yet, Apple can still spring a surprise on us and transfer our attention to something wholly different at its next event.

From our strategic calculations, there is that strong possibility that Apple could roll out fresh iPad generation early next year. It is even possible we will still be seeing the Jet White variant there too.

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