Soft Life: Skype now allows you send messages using Siri

Who remembers when having a Skype in your laptop was enough to get someone into police net. Then Skype in our naija was basically considered as a fraudulent chat medium: when it was strongly believed Skype was not for chatting with friends but for chatting with “clients”.

Skype now lets you send messages using Siri

Fast forward to today, time and diffusion of civilization in to our society has eroded those unfounded fears. Now,there is safety in having a desktop jock for my Skype on my laptop,and I can safely make a Skype call while passing through a police checkpoint and not pay more than N20 in “roja”

Skype has been adding features upon features as it thrives to keep its social space in the chatting sphere. And now Microsoft is bringing another fresh update to Skype for iOS. With this update in place, we see an improvement in the version to 6.27.1, rolling in the capacity to send messages via Siri, Apple’s famous smart assistant.

“Send Skype messages to your Skype contacts using Siri,” as announced in the change-log for the update. And for those of us who have Apple Watches, we can now courtesy of this update view your Skype recent messages as well as Favourites on your watch.

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