Dark clouds hovering as Twitter may soon cut 300 more jobs

Things are not smooth for Twitter at the moment in all truth. From struggling to find a new buyer, Twitter is making desperate efforts in steadying itself among the harsh waves of stalling growth. And when companies struggle, they most times feel the better way to paddle themselves through the economic cataracts is making their boat much lighter- less cargoes. And most times, much of the cargoes thrown aboard are human cargoes: workers!

Dark clouds hovering as Twitter may soon cut 300 more jobs

And from what we are being told by Bloomberg, the retrenchment axe is hovering around Twitter. Officially, the possibility is really high that the struggling social media platform may soon execute fresh rounds of job cuts. Looking precisely at the figures, this report points to a possible retrenchment of about 300 employees. This approximately amounts to 8% of full work force of the company.

The job cut may be as soon as this new week. The timing seem more accurate considering Twitter will publish its Q3 earnings report. But we can’t really be sure of this job cut.

If you really remember some time ago, Twitter had slashed about 300 jobs back in 2015 in a bid to cut operational costs. Despite the heavy reports we were hearing that Twitter was desperately looking for a buyer.

Yet we hope this talks of new job cuts turns out untrue as these people to be laid off are family members; some even sole breadwinners.

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