Tutorial: How Can I Stop My Mouse from Waking Up My Windows PC

In the case where a slight bump to your desk is basically sufficient to bring your sleeping PC alive, the possibility is then high that moving your mouse slightly can also wake up your sleeping PC. In this guide we will show you how to avoid this which in most times,it is pretty unpleasant.

On the grounds of how it works by default, when you move your mouse, it could basically wake your PC if the latter was in sleeping mode. Now one ugly thing about this is that you could at times just touch the mouse, and rather too quickly it registers. This means that when you bump into your desk or even when you walk heavily in your very room, such movements may prove sufficient to wake your PC from sleeping mode. But then you shouldn’t suffer this misery for ever. JustNaira is here to show you the procedures in relieving you of the horror this unwanted PC-waking.

To start with, you will have to hit Start, then you will go typing “mouse,” after which you can click the selection so as to get the Mouse control panel app opened.

Alright, so In the “Mouse Properties” window, you will have to switch to the “Hardware” tab.

When you get there, make a selection of the mouse you intend controlling from the list after which you could click the “Properties” button. There you will come across more than one mouse which has its listing on some systems–say, a laptop which is in possession of a touchpad as well as an external mouse. Thus it becomes necessary you make a selection of the one you would like to disable from waking up your PC.

Next you will have to move to the mouse’s properties window, there you will have to click the “Change settings” button.

After that, you will have to switch to the Power Management tab, there you turn off the option reading “Allow this device to wake the computer”.

So you should know that to turn off the ability of your mouse to wake your PC is not something extra difficult. It doesn’t even matter if the option is well hidden in the Mouse control panel app. One lovely thing about all this is that other devices which can wake your sleeping PC up can also be disabled in the same manner. In some of the devices, you will get the option via the Control Panel. Then in devices like your network controller, you will be able to reach it via the Device Manager. So this exposition should help relieve you of the nightmare of your mouse problematically turning on your PC.

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