Snapchat has launched new Lenses that respond to your voice

Snap is still experimenting with its augmented reality Lenses. A few days ago, the company launched new lenses that respond to the voice of a user. Some of these lenses request that users say words like, “hi,” “love,” or “wow,” and when the users have thus said, the lenses will animate. A source mentioned that his own lenses asks him to say the work “okay” and when he does, a little cat paw pops up to form an okay symbol.

According to our source, the feature works perfectly okay except for the fact that he had to scream the words in order for the app to hear what he said. All the same, this Lens provides a brilliant way of interacting regardless of the little difficulty it presents when being used. Almost all of the lenses on Snapchat demand that its users make a certain facial appearance or tap the screen for the lenses to animate. Not everyone will accept a Lens that is voice-activated especially people who are not easily taken with selfies and not everyone will enjoy having to scream out random words at their phones while trying to capture their face.

On the other hand, Instagram has only recently entered into the business of branded augmented reality filters. Kylie Jenner only a few days ago, launched her own branded filter on the app. This may have come as a disappointed to Snap considering the fact that Kylie Jenner seemed to love Snapchat and always expressed her interest on a regular basis. Even though, the lenses on Instagram are not as unique as those on Snapchat and they lack good designs, Snapchat does not have a large active user base like Instagram does. As much as the lenses in Snapchat look cool, it would be more enjoyable if an individual had friends or family members on the app and that way, the person will have a reason to open them.

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