Samsung announces the Galaxy Home smart speaker

Samsung made an announcement saying that it is going into the market of smart speakers with the Galaxy Home. This is a high-end speaker that is intended to serve as competition for the Apple HomePod and at the same time standing out in the company of other competitors like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home with a high quality audio. According to Samsung, the purpose of the speaker is to put together an “amazing sound and elegant design.”

The Galaxy Home look has the shape of a vase or statue that you could set on a table at the corner of your room. It is covered in fabric and is elevated by three stout metal legs. The top of the device is flat and it has control buttons on it used for skipping tracks and/or adjusting the volume.

According to our sources, the speaker should be able to deliver surround-style audio with the use of a subwoofer and six built-in speakers. More so, the speaker has eight far-field microphones used to detect voice input. You will have the ability to say “Hi, Bixby” to activate the Samsung voice assistant and ask it to play music or do any other task. According to Samsung, Bixby on Galaxy Home will still be able to perform the same functions as on a phone.

We have no further reports as regards the Galaxy Home and when it would be released. Samsung has not made a full announcement of the speaker yet. The company stated that it would share more information on the speaker at a developer conference early in November.

It is not entirely clear how well the smart speaker will function. If Samsung hopes to ever measure up to the Amazon Echo, it will need to have an assistant that is almost as smart as Alexa which at the moment, it doesn’t seem as if Samsung has developed to that level.

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