Spotify may provide ability for free users skip all ads

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Spotify has been running some tests on a new feature in Australia. This new feature will give users who are not subscribed to the network the ability to skip ads be they audio ads or video ads for as many times as they want. When the company was met by our sources, it stated that the idea behind this new feature is to permit ads that they do not give a damn about and in that wise, what they are actually interested will be better communicated to Spotify and the network will be more equipped with information that will prove useful for when it wants to reach them. An executive of the company compared it to Discover Weekly, but in this case, it is pertaining to ads. Our sources also added that advertisers will have no reason to make payments for ads that were skipped.

Although this makes a lot of sense, there is no way of telling for sure how it will improve the need for ads. Not everybody will want to open the Spotify app just so that they can be able to skip an ad. According to Spotify, this feature is still being tested at the moment, be that as it may, the objective is to launch the feature in all countries of the world. As much as this feature is going to favour users who do not pay for the Premium package, it will not entirely serve to users who make payments. Some of the users who pay to subscribe, do so in the event that when they do, they will not have to listen or watch ads and they will be able to make offline downloads, nevertheless, being able to skip ads is also appealing. Avoiding ads does not come quite easy on Spotify, however, one will be able to save some cash by so doing.

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