Skype’s Android app is now more reliable on Samsung devices running Android Marshmallow and Lollipop

You we have come a long way in this country. From the days where Nigerian university students could win Olympics medals due to their excellent “shot put” activities. Then through those days when just having Skype on your laptop was enough to rent a police cell on the grounds of a suspected internet fraudster. Fast forward today, Skype is for everyone. And it even just got more extensive for everyone!

Some time ago,Microsoft rolled out updates to its Skype iOS client, and now Microsoft is equally rolling updates to Skype’s Android app. The update judiciously boosts the app to version 7.17 while introducing a host of many improvements. Some of these improvements also pertain to how reliable Skype is on Samsung devices.

In face of this update, the Skype app gains an extra edge of reliability on Samsung devices operating the Marshmallow and Lollipop editions of Android respectively termed version 6.01 and 5.1.1. Most likely, it brings solution to Samsung’s infamous non-standard Android implementations.

In addition to this, the update rolls in the feature of accessibility support for cards from bots as well as solving hitches pertaining to changing device orientation in the course of recording a video message.

Another jolly addition this update will be bringing in is juicy simplification for the sign-in process for Microsoft account users. Also we now have the streamline of the contact discovery for phone number user accounts. You can get the updated app here from the play store.


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