Tutorial: How do I transfer music from my Windows PC or Mac to my Android phone

It is a modern reality that a lot of phones boast storage capacities which can do a whole lot at holding all those lovely tunes that made your ears tingle in delight. So in the case your phone possesses a microSD card slot, things then have got juicier! It is very possible to transfer your music straight onto the microSDcard.

In this guide,we will show you the procedures to copying your music onto your Android phone either using Windows or Mac!

Okay now, we will start with how we can copy music from onto your Android phone from your Mac making use of Android File Transfer

So once you are through with downloading the Android File Transfer, the next thing you simply have to is plug your phone into your Mac through connection of a USB.

Alright, now you can launch Android File Transfer from your your Dock or launch it from your Finder .
Good, so you open a Finder window also opening the folder where you house your music.

Now you have the option of clicking either SD Card or Phone, it all depends on your choice location of transferring your music to. In the case where your phone doesn’t really possess a microSD slot, you will not be seeing the SD Card option.

Next you will now drag and drop individual music files or even the full folders onto Android File Transfer.

Simply that is every thing you need, but then it is safer you apply caution because when you attempt transferring too many files all at the same time, there is the chance Android File Transfer could develop hitches or even crash. So we would advise you to cap (maximum size) transfers to possibly under 1GB.

So we will now be moving over to the means of transferring music to your Android phone from your Windows PC

Well said, there is the extra tone of convenience in PCs recognizing your Android phone as a USB device provided your phone is in the appropriate USB mode. If these conditions are maintained copying music is as much convenient as dragging and dropping. But we will still go through the procedures.

To begin with, you will have to plug your phone into your PC through USB.

Next tap the USB notification on your phone, .
You will now have to click on the circle next to Transfer files (MTP). If you have done this well, the File Explorer will at once launch.

After this, you will have to launch a separate File Explorer window from your taskbar.

Now locate the music files you love to copy to your phone.

Next simply drag the music files to your phone as well as to either SD card or if it is the internal storage if you like and and release them.

Now you can enjoy your favorite music on your Android home, because actually you deserve it. Party time!!

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