Belt Up: Ads are coming on the Apple App Store from October 5

The whole world is buzzing with advertisements, brands don’t want you to even zip up your wallets again; Just joking though! Just three years back in 2013, advertising expenditure in Western Europe alone had run up to 107.07 billion U.S. dollars. Our ears are no longer ours, they are now warehouses of brands’ woos. I fear that one day, I might be streaming a YouTube video and an ad advertising one babalawo’s shrine would just pop up!

Belt Up: Ads are coming on the Apple App Store from October 5

And now, Apple is joining the long queue in bringing us ads. Apple has officially announced plans it is making to sneak advertisements into the Apple Store beginning from October 5. The way it will be coming is search Ads program will involve a situation where users searching for a specific app could see ads for other ones related to what they were searching for.

According to the company, when you buy an ad spot, many developers will now get the opportunity to get more publicity. App suggestions happen to be ads will now be displayed with a peculiar blue badge. The company will make very sure that the App Store will not eventually slump into an advertisement ghetto, so users will now see ads strictly in the condition it is related to what they were looking for.

Well if this is properly done, it will be a big opportunity for developers to increase their audience. At least to get some deserved icing on the cake for all those nights they slept on codes.

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