Aren’t you tired of queues…Nissan makes Self-Driving Chair

The basic Nigerian public life revolves about queue-queues in the bank to queues to use the bathroom in our face-me-I-face-u. And with the way the economy is going,we could have queues of people waiting to jump into the lagoon. But then standing in these queues can be so tiring, some could be that long that it wouldn’t be a bad decision to carry your gas cooker along and cook yourself a good meal on the queue.

Aren't tired of queues...Nissan makes Self-Driving Chair

It will thus good news to us that Japanese automaker Nissan this week had made a debut of what it tags the ProPILOT Chair. This happens to be a self driving chair that on its owns queues for you while you enjoy sitting back and relaxing. This self driving car makes use of built-in cameras, the high-tech chair “detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance and traveling along a set path.” Truth is standing in line is now going to be much fun.

Nissan had gotten the idea of the design of this autonomous self driving chair from its ProPILOT autonomous driving technology. This actually has been on in the company’s Serena minivan in Japan last month August. The way the ProPILOT technology works is give avenue for the vehicle to keep up a safe distance between the car ahead, this way it makes sure that it much remains in the center of its lane.

This would be very helpful for us. I personally would want these self driving chairs in Naija soonest especially for our banks that are already becoming mini barracks where we are drilled on stress tolerance with the lengthy queues.

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