Lenovo sacks 1,100 employees

Of late in our dear country, while factories are closing down on an ailing economy, new workshops are opening up: devil’s workshops precisely. An idle mind is the devil workshop it is said and with the many hands and minds getting idle, the devil is now such a busy industrialist, managing his chain of workshops across the country. And soon the devil be acquiring more workshops from Leveno as Lenovo lays off over 1000 employees- but this time not precisely in our dear country.

Lenovo sacks 1,100 employees

Reports reaching us reveal that Motorola has sacked no less than 2% of its global workforce comprising of 55,000 employees. This percentage sadly amounts to 1,100 people who will now have to polish their shoes for the new walk of submitting CVs.

The action which was embarked on by Motorola comes as “part of the ongoing strategic integration between Lenovo and Motorola’s smartphone business as the company further aligns its organization and streamlines it product portfolio to best compete in the global smartphone market.”

Prior to Motorola commenting on the situation, rumors have been circulating around that Lenovo was planning on transferring to Lenovo’s North Carolina US headquarter some of its Motorola’s Chicago-staff. But then, Lenovo specifically released statements that this was not the really truth as it maintains its intentions to leave Motorola’s headquarters exactly where it is located now. Adding it remains “absolutely committed to Chicago”.

The statement was yet a confirmation of the wholesome count of sacked employees as we have mentioned. Our condolences to those relieved of duty, but then as long as life is yet to relieve your nostril of breath, there is still HOPE!

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